Marketing & Campaigns


We build marketing plans including advertising material development, sales strategies, and, video production including concept development, script writing, filming, and editing. Our clients include insurance brokers, to political initiatives. Candidates running for office will find that we do not take media buy commissions. Instead, we operate on a fee structure and per piece cost plus billing.

This prevents us from pushing toward expensive media that may not be as effective just to generate commissions. My largest criticism of the structure of most political consultants is that their fee structure comes from the days when TV was dominant. Today, it is expensive and less effective while very costly; however there are times that it is the way to go, especially when dealing with large geographic areas.

Public Relations

Independant Insurance PR

Risk Public Relations specializes in marketing risk transferring products, specifically, insurance. We provide the advertising and public relations expertise and implement a strategy for independent insurance agencies, insurance companies, and surplus lines brokers to grow.We are not a retail agency or a brokerage but we do understand the needs of the retail agencies. Agencies need markets and customers. Without one, there are going to be few opportunities for sales.

Marketing plans are developed specific to each customers need based on agency and book of business profile.


Mikey Bowler started Risk Public Relations with a history of developing advertising and marketing campaigns, graphic design capabilities and was raised in and around the insurance industry. With such a rare skill set combination, and the analysis that the we performed, we thought it best to form a niche advertising firm, and not firm targeting all businesses. While we have a few non-insurance related clients, they were merely developed from a comfort level the owners have with us from doing business with us in their insurance related businesses.

We perform a lot of our work in house and have an extensive network of vendors that provide print services and specific trade related skills needed to complete a marketing plan or campaign.


Campaigning is expensive, emotionally draining, and hard work! We have no interest in crafting your policy, but we will help guide you in crafting your message and teaching you how to prepare for being a candidate. Being a candidate is not natural. It is at best a four month job interview, and usually longer. You interview every day for four months and on election day, you may have another 30 days to go.

With the difficulty of the rest of the campaign, you need to know the print materials go out on time and that all of your advertising dollars go as far as they can. Do you need the $3000 photographer, or can you live without? What is this campaign going to cost? What is the difference between a PR consultant, and a campaign manager? Can they be the same? How do I get walk lists? How do I raise money? Those are things that we will guide you through.

We are not in the business to loose a race to spend your money. We will evaluate the feasibility of your candidacy and the likelihood of your chances of winning. After that, you make the decisions with our guidance.

Campaigns are not for the faint of heart. If you do decide to run, we offer a one hour free consultation.