Business Planning

We write business plans and offer document creation along with funding plans for businesses.

Marketing and Campaigns

With the difficulty of the rest of the campaign, you need to know the print materials go out on time and that all of your advertising dollars go as far as they can. What is the difference between a PR consultant, and a campaign manager? How do I get walk lists? How do I raise money? We tackle it all with you.

Compliance Reviews

We’ve managed several compliance review programs where we outlined exactly what information the business needed to audit. How offices, franchisees, agents comply with the businesses mission is the core of every successful business.

Business Turn-Arounds

Business turn-arounds are tough. While they require capital resources, they cannot be successful without creditor involvement and re-direction efforts by the management and employees of the business.

A note from Mike

I started my business career in mid-1968 as a property and casualty insurance underwriting trainee. After 17 years in the industry, I became the president and CEO of a small property and casualty insurance company and left direct involvement in the industry in 1994. Later in 2001, I start my consulting practice doing various consulting projects for friends and colleagues in the insurance industry as well as all sorts of projects for various types of other business clients from a large body shop to financial institution consulting, to a national rental equipment franchisor.

Today, most of my time is spent marketing machinery to the plastic injection molding industry. Our family owned company, Die-Sep, sells mold separators and tippers that man-handle molds weighing upwards of 30 tons. Our largest separator opens a 65,000 pound mold in 30 seconds, replacing doing so by hand using an overhead crane and pry bars that would take two men an hour or so. It’s a wonderful industry and the men and women who use our machines truly love them.

Most of my limited consulting practice today is writing business and marketing plans and turn-around budgets. I will help clients manage various projects under the proper circumstances.

But my passion has always been insurance and, in particular, finding solutions for emerging insurance underwriting and marketing problems. A several articles in this website are focused on explaining my free-market solutions for health care insurance and other insurance issues.


A note from Mikey

My consulting practice is primarily focused on political campaign consulting, website design and management, design and development of advertising ads and commercials, sales and marketing plans and management of political candidate and public initiatives campaigns. I will work with my dad on some of his projects but mostly in internet marketing, website design, print and video media, and research for such things as pro forma budgets.

Bowler Consulting

I was referred to Bowler Consulting by a colleague and friend. I trusted her as I do the company she recommended. The years of business savvy are apparent when working with both Mikes. I was impressed with their connections throughout the region.

Susan - New Orleans

The Bowler’s have helped increase my business bottom line. They have guided me through a number of projects with a professional no-nonsense approach. I would recommend their services to any business, organization or campaign.

Mark - Los Angeles

Straight forward communicators. That’s what I’d say about Bowler Consulting. I wasn’t sure what I was doing with an advertising campaign and their grasp of what I wanted and the possibilities within the marketing region they’ve shown me are impressive.

Dick - Metairie LA

Recent Articles

Repeal and Replace

Repeal and Replace

Obamacare isn’t what destroyed the insurance market for health insurance. The damage to the insurance market happened in 1945 with the passage of the McCarran-Ferguson Act. This is my plan on how to drive health care and health care insurance into the free-market, even for low-income Americans.

The Simple Notion

The Simple Notion

Our Founding Fathers developed the simple political notion that it is “self-evident, that all men are created equal … endowed by their Creator with … unalienable Rights … “ Most of us know the rest. They rejected oligarchical power that had existed from...

Health Insurance

Health Insurance

The problem with H.R. 1628, the recent act of Congress, signed by President Trump, is that it does not fix the health insurance industry.